Our unwavering commitment to our patients requires that we act responsibly on all fronts. Our actions are for the benefit of the patients we serve around the world, our company, our employees, our shareholders and our communities.

                          Global HOPE

                          Creating Futures for Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders in Africa

                          Celgene is now part of Bristol Myers Squibb creating a leading biopharma company positioned to help address the needs of patients with serious diseases. Funding requests may continue to be submitted via the current BMS processes until further notice.

                          During this transition period, we will jointly review all requests as a team to avoid duplication of funding.

                          In addition, we are currently updating our FAQs, which will be updated on or about 12/15/2019. Any questions can be submitted to

                           Grants & Giving

                          Corporate Giving

                          Conscientious citizenship means doing everything we can to help all around the world. Our global scope of charitable activities is administered through a variety of giving programs, each with its own focus and application procedures.


                          Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

                          We help all people attain their highest level of health by strengthening healthcare worker knowledge and ability, integrating medical care and community-based supportive services, and mobilizing communities in the fight against disease.


                          For us, sustainability is working towards addressing unmet medical needs, increasing access to medicines and embracing our responsibility to care for our environment.

                          Access to Medicines

                          Access to Medicines

                          We continue the quest to increase access to medicines for those in need through research and development, our partnership with patients, advocacy groups, healthcare providers, industry, governments and NGOs, and our focus on healthcare infrastructure, product quality and safety.

                          Building Our Communities

                          Building Our Communities

                          We help strengthen our communities by investing in programs to enhance the quality of science and technology education, addressing unmet medical needs and providing essential services.

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                          We are committed to conducting business with the highest integrity and will continue to increase transparency so we can share information with our patients, peers, shareholders.
                           Position on Key Issues

                          Position on Key Issues

                          Our industry changes quickly. Health care policy and bioethics are always evolving and we are evolving with them. See where we stand.